Common Methods of Weld Inspection

Common Methods of Weld Inspection

1. Eddy Current

Eddy current testing (ET) is one of the non-destructive testing methods in industry

Fast and effective detection of surface and subsurface cracks

  • High detection rate without paint removal
  • Wide coverage, fast scanning speed, save time
  • Replace penetrant and magnetic particle testing

    Eddy Current
    Eddy Current

2. Industrial microscopes

Check the cross section of the weld using our imaging solution

  • All the measurements are completed in one step to realize fast detection
  • Suitable for t-joints, lap joints and corner joints and all weld sizes
  • Calibrate the image to obtain reliable results

    Industrial microscopes
    Industrial microscopes

3. Regular ultrasound

High quality defect detection, very easy to use

  • Its rugged, ergonomic design allows it to be used in challenging environments
  • The intuitive interface is useful for both experienced and novice inspectors
  • A full range of UT probes for detecting and measuring welding defects

    Regular ultrasound
    Regular ultrasound

4. Remote visual inspection

Check hard-to-reach areas

  • Best image quality for clear visualization
  • With bright colors and clear images to improve the detection probability
  • Evaluate welding damage effectively

    Remote visual inspection
    Remote visual inspection

5. Phased array ultrasound

Speed up the inspection process

  • High-speed detection capability helps explain
  • Compared with radiography, the examination time is reduced
  • Immediate results enable immediate detection and repair of process problems

    Phased array ultrasound
    Phased array ultrasound

6. X-ray fluorescence

On-site weld inspection and reliable material qualification

  • Alloy verification helps ensure that the correct welding material is used
  • Avoid corrosion, cracks and damage
  • Analysis within seconds, no effect on weld

    X-ray fluorescence
    X-ray fluorescence

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