E&I – Electrical and Instrumentation


20 Years+ Quality Management, QAQC Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Third Party Inspection. – ISO 9001 and Recognition from Wide customer companies. 

E&I - Electrical and Instrumentation

Electrical equipment inspected. –

Switchgear, Switchboard, Switch cabinet, MCC (Motor Control Center), PDB (Power Distribution Box), GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), RMU Prefabricated substation (Mini-substation), Circuit breaker, Disconnector, Current transformer, Voltage transformer, Capacitor, Capacitor bank, Copper tube busbar, Pole. Etc.

Voltage of the equipment (LV/MV/HV). –

400V, 12.7kV, 22kV, 33kV(40.5kV), 66kV(72.5kV), 220kV(245kV)

Routine Test

A routine test is a test to which each equipment is subjected after or during manufacture. The test helps identify failures and/or unacceptable tolerances in manufacturing that functionality tests may not detect and may create an electrical hazardous situation

The purpose of routine tests is to evaluate several safety parameters which the manufacturing process could affect. E.g. wiring-related issues, warning labels, core transformers, and insulation.

FAT - Factory Acceptance Test

A process within the manufacturing and quality assurance phase of industrial equipment or systems. It involves a series of tests and inspections conducted by the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the product meets the specified requirements, design criteria, and functionality before it is delivered to the customer.

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