Quality Management & Quality Assurance


20 Years+ Quality Management, QAQC Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Third Party Inspection. – ISO 9001 and Recognition from Wide customer companies. 

Supplier Audit, Supplier Assessment

A supplier audit is an independent and objective assessment of a supplier’s processes or products against benchmarked criteria, whether that’s international regulations or in-house standards.

China Factory Audit Checklist

WPS - Welding Procedure Specification

Written and detailed document for welding operations

PQR - Procedure Qualification Record

Document that consists of procedures for creating and testing the sample welds, and the final results

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Material Inspection, Certificates Inspection, Material Verification & Testing, PMI – Positive Material Identification

Document Control, MDR

Manufacturer’s Data Report, Consists necessary technical and manufacturing data and records, for a clear traceability after the project was delivered.

Rio Tinto Amrun Project

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