FGEN Batangas LNG Terminal – Fabrication & FAT

Marine Wharf – FGEN Batangas LNG Terminal – Marine Wharf Modules Steelwork Fabrication & FAT (2021 – 2022)
















Standard: AWS D1.1, API SPEC 2W

FGEN LNG Corporation, a subsidiary fully owned by First Gen Corporation (First Gen), contracted McConnell Dowell to construct and deliver the Interim Offshore Terminal Project (“IOT Project”) situated at the Batangas LNG Terminal, which is a part of the First Gen Clean Energy Complex in Batangas, Philippines. The Permanent Steelworks of the LNG Wharf Terminal was fabricated in China.

JSC took part in On Site Engineering Coordination, Fabrication Supervision, Fabrication and Assembly Inspections, Document Control, Accessories FAT, Administration, NDT, Packing and Loading as third-party inspector.

The Multi-Purpose Jetty, situated adjacently to the existing jetty, is designed to accommodate various vessels including liquid fuel carriers, LNG carriers, FSRU, and FSUs. The construction of this new jetty entails the installation of a total of 10,000 MT (212 in number) of tubular steel piles, ranging in length from 45 to 65 meters. The superstructure comprises approximately 15,500 MT of prefabricated steel jackets and deck/trestle modules.

At the core of the Loading Platform lies a reinforced concrete deck slab, which not only serves as a stable base but also accommodates crucial deck equipment such as 2 ship gangways, 3 HP Gas Unloading Arms, and a jib crane.

Furthermore, the onshore facilities encompass a Jetty Monitoring Building and Facilities Control Room, both founded on piled foundation slabs. These facilities integrate all associated services and civil infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and monitoring of the jetty.



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