Hay Point – BHP Wharf Steel Structures Piles Fabrication

BHP Marine Wharf – BMA Shiploader and Berth Replacement (SABR), Hay Point – Steel Piles, Structures Fabrication & FAT (2021 – 2022)












Standard: AWS D1.1, API SPEC 2W

Hay Point – BHP Wharf Steel Structures Piles Fabrication

SABR was a brownfields project located within the lease boundaries of BMA’s existing Hay Point Coal Terminal near Mackay, Queensland. It included the disassembly and replacement of one of the existing shiploaders and berths to improve materials handling throughput and cyclonic wave immunity.

Jacket pipes and steel structures for SABR project, fabricated in China as several batch of orders. JSC took part in progress coordination, fabrication supervision, Accessories FAT, NDT, and Delivery / Loading.



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