Leading Pre-shipment Inspection Agency in China

Leading Pre-shipment Inspection Agency in China

Our social value lies in creating a safer, more connected, and improved world, extending from Asia to the global sphere, specifically catering to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) importers.

We Support Various Types of Product Inspection Services

As your trusted long-term partner and product inspection company, JSC SAFE tailors its services to fulfill the unique business requirements of each client. We specialize in providing diverse product inspection services.

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering is the core of our operations, encompassing engineering principles, meticulous planning, and robust quality assurance measures. This comprehensive approach ensures the optimization and resolution of challenges faced in manufacturing operations.

Inspections and Audits – China inspection company

As a leading China inspection company, we offer inspections and audits that guarantee the upholding of quality standards across the entire supply chain, regardless of location or time. Our quality assurance inspections and third-party audits are designed to instill confidence in the quality of your products.

Testing, Survey, Certification

Moreover, as a dedicated product inspection company our accreditation covers a wide range of international regulatory standards for the importation of consumer and industrial products worldwide, making us a reliable partner for testing and certification.

Customize Inspection – Customized Product QAQC

Our experienced inspectors utilize a diverse array of methods, including visual inspection, dimensional measurements, and functional testing, to thoroughly examine your products at our warehouse. This customized inspection approach ensures that every detail is attended to.

Value-added Services

In addition to our core inspection services, we offer value-added services that complement and enhance our comprehensive inspections. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

China inspection comapny

As a China inspection comapny, we provide production follow-up services that cover everything from order placement to the final shipment of goods. This includes facilitating communication with suppliers to ensure smooth operations.

Who is JSC SAFE?

What sets us apart from other China inspection agencies is our commitment to providing a one-stop quality control inspection service tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized sellers. We bridge the gap between large inspection companies and logistics providers, offering flexible and customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Competitive Efficiency

We are committed to transparency and competitiveness. Unlike some product inspection companies that offer low service fees but compromise on quality and engage in unethical practices, we encourage our clients to compare prices and are confident in providing competitive quotes.

Our Commitment to Clients

We prioritize our clients, regardless of the order size, as we believe in building long-lasting relationships. In the event of any defective products reaching our clients, we go above and beyond to seek compensation and minimize losses.

Professional Inspection Team

Our professional inspection team consists of over 150 experienced employees who have extensive knowledge in full inspection across a wide range of products. This sets us apart from other inspection agents who may have smaller teams with limited expertise.

Packaging Solution (In-house)

Finally, our in-house packaging solution is a testament to our exceptional production capabilities. We pride ourselves on handling packaging tasks that others may find challenging, ensuring efficient and seamless operations.

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