Mardie Salt & Potash Marine Structures – Steelwork and Steel Piles

Marine Wharf – BCI Mardie Salt & Potash Marine Structures – Steelwork and Steel Piles (2022 – 2023)


Standard: AS 1554.1, AS 4100, AS 2207, AS 1171

Delivering new marine facilities to grow Australian exports. 2.4 km long jetty with berthing and mooring dolphins.

Steelwork is fabricated in China. JSC SAFE took part in Material Test,  Survey, Engineering Design, document control, fabrication supervision, assembly supervision, quality inspection, NDT, administration.


The Mardie Salt and Potash Project, commonly referred to as Mardie or the Project, is solely owned by Mardie Minerals Pty Ltd, a subsidiary entirely held by BCI Minerals Limited (BCI). This Project offers a unique and sustainable prospect for establishing a large-scale, multi-generational solar evaporation operation along the Pilbara coast of Western Australia (WA).

The Pilbara coast stands out as one of the world’s foremost regions for solar salt production. In this region, five existing solar evaporation salt projects have been operating successfully for up to fifty years, delivering a high-quality and reliable salt product that enjoys consistent high demand in the chemical and other industries.



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