Purpose and Principle of Metal Hose Setting

Purpose and Principle of Metal Hose Setting

1.The advantages and uses 

The metal hose has the advantages of compact structure, solid connection, good flexibility, light weight, small size, flexible bending, easy installation, corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, no aging, high pressure, good tightness, long service life and so on, compared with rubber plastic or other materials. It has 3D compensation function. In the pipe system, it is an extremely effective element for temperature compensation, eliminating mechanical displacement, absorbing vibration and reducing noise. The use of metal hose in the design of petrochemical equipment has greatly improved the intrinsic quality of engineering design.

2.Purpose and principle 

2.1 Purpose of setting the metal hose

The main purpose of using metal hoses in engineering is to thermal compensate the relationship, eliminate mechanical displacement, absorb vibration, reduce noise, move flexibly, and easily change the direction of fluid movement.

2.2 Setting rules for metal hoses

In the petrochemical installation of metal hose, in principle, there are the following situations:

2.2.1 Large petrochemical products, raw material storage tanks:

The metal hose is set on the import and export pipe of the large storage tank, which can prevent the damage of the pipeline and the omission of the stored goods , earthquake and other factors. Avoid national property damage and environmental pollution. When building large storage tanks in earthquake-prone areas, more attention should be paid to installing metal hoses.

2.2.2 Import and export of mainframes and pumps:

The pump, compressor, centrifuge and other equipment used in the project will produce vibration and noise in the working state, endangering the quality of the project and personal health. In particular, the large pump and centrifuge should be equipped with a certain length  at its import and export, which can absorb shock and reduce noise, improve the quality of the project and extend the service life of the pump, and bring some convenience to the installation of the pump.

2.2.3 Tanker and tanker:

Metal hoses are often used for loading and unloading cranes for trains, car tankers and oil tankers. The use of metal hoses can not only achieve closed loading and unloading, reduce oil volatilization, but also convenient installation and disassembly, and can be moved to bring a lot of convenience to the operation.

2.2.4 Electronic weighing equipment:

3.Composition and classification 

The metal hose is composed of a tube body, a mesh sleeve and a connecting piece. The tube body and the mesh sleeve are stainless steel.The connecting parts are divided into stainless steel and carbon steel . The pipe body ripple has two kinds of spiral and ring. According to the connection form can be divided into flange connection and pipe joint connection two categories. The flanges of the metal hose can be installed. And can also be combined with different standards and different interfaces. The fittings of the metal hose can be ball head jacket nut. Every parts can also be any combination according to user requirements. The use is very flexible, convenient, and almost free from any control.

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