QAQC, Third Party Inspection (TPI), Project Quality Control (QC) in Malaysia, Asia

Our QAQC inspector carried out the inspection visit to FRP tanks /Lining tanks, conducted dimensional check, witness leak test inspection and reviewed relative documents.

Rare Earth Mine Plant, Rotary Kiln Off Gas Scrubbing System – Plastic And FRP Supply

Products list as below.-

  1. Repulp water storage tank
  2. Repulp tank
  3. WESP BD tank
  4. Emergency Quench water tank
  5. Filter feed tank
  6. Filtrate storage tank
  7. Lime Reactor tank
  8. Caustic Reactor tank
  9. Cloth wash feed tank
  10. Cake wash feed tank
  11. Quench Vessel.

Quality and Documentary Review

Inspector was provided with part of below documents by supplier for review.-

  1. Material Certificate
  2. Material Test Report
  3. Equipment TANK G.A Drawing
  5. MDR documentation
  6. Specification/standard Test procedure

Area of Concerns

There are 8 points of concerns that listed in report, for more details, please contact with ref number


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