The working principle of the stacker reclaimer

The working principle of the stacker reclaimer

Stacker and reclaimer is a kind of material handling equipment widely used in ports, docks, steel mills and power plants. It is mainly used to stack bulk materials from one place to another, or to collect and store them centrally from multiple places. The following is the working principle of the stacker reclaimer:

The stacking part usually includes a rotating cantilever and a set of material handling devices. When the stacker starts stacking, the cantilever first removes the material from the yard and then delivers it to the designated stacking area via the material handling device. During the conveying process, the material is generally passed through a belt conveyor or chain conveyor and finally transported to the top of the pile area.

Take-up section

Take-up section usually includes a retractable scraper and a set of support devices. When the reclaimer begins to pick up the material, the scraper will start from the top of the pile area and will collect the material into a transfer bin. The role of the support device is to maintain the stability and safety of the entire equipment when the scraper takes material. Material handling system: In the stacker and reclaimer, the material handling system is a very important component. It usually consists of one or more conveyor belts or chain conveyors used to transport material from the yard or transit bin to the specified destination. According to different needs and material characteristics, the conveying system can be designed to be horizontal or inclined, and can also be converted in multiple directions.

Control system

The control system of the stacker and reclaimer includes an electrical control system and an automatic control system. The electrical control system is mainly used to control the operation, stop, speed and position of the equipment. The automatic control system is used to achieve precise control of material handling systems, cantilevers, scrapers and other equipment, so as to achieve automatic operation and efficient work. Safety protection device: In order to ensure the safe operation of the stacker and retake machine, some safety protection devices are usually set up, such as overload protection, anti-slip protection, emergency shutdown and other devices. These devices can detect the abnormal situation in the operation of the equipment in time, and take corresponding protection measures in time.Ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

In short, the stacker and reclaimer is an efficient and flexible material handling equipment, which has been widely used in many industrial fields. Its working principle is mainly based on the stacking and access of materials, through a series of mechanical devices to achieve accurate control and efficient operation of materials. In the process of use and maintenance, you should understand the principle and characteristics of the equipment, and make reasonable decisions according to actual needs operation and maintenance.

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