Thickener Types and Application Fields

Thickener types and application fields

First, horizontal thickener

Horizontal thickener is a kind of thickener commonly used. It is a thickener with rotor and tank as the main components. The equipment is simple in structure, small in size and easy to use, and can be widely used in mining, chemical industry, building materials and other fields. The rotor of the horizontal thickener can be designed into different shapes according to different requirements, such as the common barrel shape, conical shape, symmetrical impeller shape and so on. At the same time, the horizontal thickener can also be designed according to different requirements, including single slot, double slot, multi-slot and so on.

Second, vertical thickener

The vertical thickener is another commonly used thickener. Unlike the horizontal thickener, the main component of the vertical thickener is a rotating cylinder and its internal impeller and deflector. The process of the equipment acting on the thickener is similar to that of the horizontal thickener, in that the material is concentrated through gravity sedimentation and centrifugation. The vertical thickener is characterized by a wide blade of the rotor and a small gap between the impeller and the deflector, so its concentration efficiency is relatively higher, and it is suitable for processing thick and high concentration slurry.


Third, inclined plate thickener

Inclined plate thickener is a kind of special thickening equipment, its main feature is that the inclined Angle of the inclined plate can be adjusted to meet the concentration requirements of different materials. Inclined plate thickener has different types of single inclined plate, double inclined plate, multi-inclined plate and so on. Its working principle is similar to the horizontal and vertical thickener, but also through gravity sedimentation and centrifugal force to achieve concentration, the difference is that the inclined plate of the inclined plate thickener can be adjusted according to needs, making the concentration effect more ideal.
These are the three common types of thickeners, which have a wide range of applications in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields. Taking the mining industry as an example, the thickener can be applied in the beneficiation process to concentrate the low-grade raw ore slurry into a high-grade concentrate, which is convenient for subsequent extraction and processing; In the metallurgical industry, thickener is mainly used to treat all kinds of wastewater, waste, etc., to achieve the reuse of resources and environmental protection; In the field of chemical industry, thickener is widely used in the concentration, separation and subsequent processing of various solutions and slurries.

To sum up, thickener is a common enrichment equipment, its types are diverse, wide range of applications. Understanding various thickener types and their characteristics helps us to better choose and use thickener, improve production efficiency and work quality.

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